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VMware PPT

VMware presentation

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Security Market Overview. Market . Size in 2012. Endpoint Security. Antivirus. Market Growth Rate. Market Size($M) in 2009. $27B Worldwide in 2009. Anti-Virus

Networking Virtualization

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Instead, VMware provided several new types of “NIC”s. vmxnet2/vmxnet3. Not like vlance or e1000, there is no corresponding hardware. Designed with awareness of running

The Future of Virtualization: The Virtualization of the Future

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VMWare broke the bonds between Operating System and PCs or Servers. A virtual machine, however, is still a single entity that looks very much like the physical machine.

Speakeasy Template 2006

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Template by Michael G. Hart, Product Overview Name VMware Sept 2009 Agenda Managing Capacity in Virtualized Environments Capacity

The Virtualization Market: Today and Tomorrow

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Template by Michael G. Hart, The Right Investment For a Tough Economy VMware June 2009 One of the biggest things that VMware

VMware Workstation Tutorial

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Types of Virtualization. VMM. Host OS. VMM. APP. Hosted. Bare Metal. APP. VMware player. VMware workstation. Microsoft virtual PC. Sun VirtualBox. QEMU. KVM. VMware

CPU Management for Processor Virtualization

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What’s New @ VMware??? Products and Feature Releases Jarod Martin - SE SouthWest Region 08.15.07 Agenda ESX 3.0.2 and VC 2.0.2 Lab Manager 2.5 Workstation 6.0


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EMC STORAGE FOR VMware VSPHERE. EMC Proven Solution with EMC VPLEX Local for Seamless Data Migration within the Data Center. Note to Presenter: Present to customers

VMWare Workstation Version 6.0

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“Using VMware in Digital Forensic Investigations” S/A Daniel Dickerman IRS Criminal Investigation, Electronic Crimes Program

VMware vSphere 5.0 and Cloud Infrastructure Suite (CIS) cost

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RECAP. VMware released (via Principled Technologies) a vSphere 5.0 vs. Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 Hyper-V benchmark. VMware states that when running 30 VM’s

VMware Integration with XIV

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VMware Integration with XIV Pete Kisich Sr. Storage Technical Specialist IBM * Key Best Practices and Recommendations * Queue Depth Depending on

VMware Service Provider Program (VSPP) 3.0

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VMware Service Provider Program (VSPP) 3.0 VMware VSPP 3.0 What stays with VSPP 3.0? What Changes with VSPP 3.0? Product list and Point value Timing and Transition

VMware Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Connection Broker Partners

PPT Size: 1.43 MB | Slides: 41
Omaha VMUG January 2006 Agenda Enterprise Desktop Challenges VDI – Overview Value Proposition Business Use Cases Connection Brokers Technical Solutions State of the

Take Disaster out of Disater Recovery

PPT Size: 4.39 MB | Slides: 59
Taking the Disaster out of Disaster Recovery VMware Infrastructure for Rapid, Reliable, and Cost-Effective DR Noah Johnson Sr. Systems Engineer Agenda Challenges of

Virtual Machines

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Over 1,000 pre-built VMware images containing everything from different operating systems to demonstrations of security and network management products are available to

A Comparison of Software and Hardware Techniques for x86

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A Comparison of Software and Hardware Techniques for x86 Virtualization By Keith Adams and Ole Ageson VMWare Presented by Mike Marty The Renaissance of Virtualization

Usenix Invited Talk

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The Future of Virtual machines: A VMware Perspective Ed Bugnion Co-founder, VMware Inc. JUGS September 27, 2001 Outline Historical Perspective MultipleWorlds

SRM in a NetApp Environment

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To provide customer support for VMware SRM on NetApp issues VMware and NetApp have formed a Joint Virtualization Escalation Team. This allows for a direct 24X7 contact

VMware Security Discussion

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Security of VMware vSphere Bob van der Werf Sr. Systems Engineer VMware * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * VMware Security Strategy * Self-describing, Self

Operating System Virtualization

PPT Size: 4.67 MB | Slides: 25
References . Amit Sing, An Introduction to Virtualization; Vmware, Virtualization Overview

VMware vSphere Data Protection and Security with Emulex and Cisco SANs

PPT Size: 5.25 MB | Slides: 39
Cisco, Emulex and VMware presentThe SAN Virtuosity Series. The SAN Virtuosity Series enables data centers to enhance their implementation a Fibre Channel SAN using

Sample Consolidation Plan Using VMWare and Equallogic

PPT Size: 5.34 MB | Slides: 15
using VMWare and EqualLogic Virtual machines Virtual Network Storage Self-Service Pricing. Full-Service VAR. Typical issues associated with

Virtualization 101

PPT Size: 3.91 MB | Slides: 17
System Manufacturer: VMware BIOS: Phoenix 6.0 Motherboard: Intel 440BX CD-ROM: NEC VMware IDE CDR00 Processor: This will vary based on the processor in the host server

Server Virtualization Assessment – Tools and Techniques Chicago

PPT Size: 6.87 MB | Slides: 43
From VMware - VI API, VIX API (allows files xfer from guest) , Perl API, CIM API (risks of rolling your own = script storage security, stored

VMM 2012: Technical Overview

PPT Size: 1.62 MB | Slides: 49
Manage multiple hypervisors – Hyper-V, VMware, Xen. Server hardware management – IPMI, DCMI, SMASH, Custom via Provider. Host provisioning – from bare metal to Hyper-V

Memory Resource Management in Vmware ESX Server

PPT Size: 6.29 MB | Slides: 53
Memory Resource Management in VMware ESX Server Carl A. Waldspurger VMware, Inc. Appears in SOSDI 2002 Presented by: Lei Yang Outline Introduction Background

IDS Virtual Appliance

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* VMware® Infrastructure and Virtualization Tools The IDS Virtual appliance Virtual Machine Resources CPU CPU time is not configurable for IDS va when running as a

Virtualization and Cloud Computing

PPT Size: 2.77 MB | Slides: 23
resources* Cloud Computing: “The provisioning of services in a timely (near on instant), on-demand manner, to allow the scaling up and down of resources”** * VMware

VMware Capacity Planning

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VMware metrics. Host / guest metric families. CPU %busy, %ready etc. Memory used/free, reclaimed, swapped etc. I/O rate and response times by disk . NIC packets in

VMware Product Overview

PPT Size: 5.15 MB | Slides: 17
Software Engineering at VMware Dan Scales May 2008 The Challenge Suppose that you have a very popular software platform: … that includes hardware-level and OS code

VMware View 3 Take Control of Your Desktops and Applications

PPT Size: 5.82 MB | Slides: 52
Take Control of Your Desktops and Applications JJ DiGeronimo VMware * * In the second phase of deployment, typically customers start taking advantage of

Best Practices for Virtualizing Oracle with EMC and VMware

PPT Size: 2.48 MB | Slides: 36
Increase Oracle performance up to 44% with lower TCO. 95%+ Oracle Instances match native performance on VMware; Increase server and storage utilization up to 80%

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